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At Celimedia Digital Marketing Consulting the hashtag has being used very efficiently and showing outstanding and sometimes better results than any traditional campaign strategy. In the past, humans gathered around the fire to report special moments. Today , people use the hashtags to share what they know and learn. The hashtag “#” symbol turned the fire of the digital age . People gather around them digitally and in a simple way, is able to approach people with the same interest . The social media is just an intermediary.

In addition to the use of complex and extremely well defined strategies for our clients, at Celimedia we believe that it is important to give an equally attention to small details and features offered by social networks . By publishing quality content, respecting the social media guidelines, investing on the use of well designed images and efficiently using the hashtags, a very powerful marketing is created and the information is spread surprisingly fast.

How to use correctly? There is no specific rule for action , but there is some formatting that should be considered when organizing the editorial line of your business profile . The hashtags help a company to gain evidence on certain subjects . The more interesting the content is published , more mentions your company gain by maximizing the impact of your business on the net .

Celimedia will develop ways to use the hashtag resource for you to reap the results you expect. We will do this committed to engage your company to a bigger audience on the major Social Networks and to connect you with more clients and bring more revenue for your business.

Contact us to bring the power of the # to your company with #celimedia.