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It was an outstanding meeting at the Emanuel Church auditorium in Bridgeport CT on May 8th, the seminar about economy hosted by Marceli Upson and Karla Dias. ministro smalll

Celimedia is proud of having organized this event, that counted with the Brazilian Consul Paulo Roberto de Almeida as the speaker. It was a very educative seminar when the audience had a great opportunity to learn about finances, have advices about options for retirement, learn how to save money and the best ways to make investments, etc, among many other issues related to economy, and it was also a very good chance to make friends and have some delicious coffee at the end.

We also appreciate the bishop Moises of the Emanuel Church for his kindness on providing the space, with its excellent media equipment, at no cost for the event.

We thank all the people who attended the seminar and we will keep the community posted about more events that aim the education and alliance of the public.