marceli upson and karla dias celimedia marketing ct

Marceli Upson and Karla Dias with Dr. Brea

The Open House organized by Marceli Upson and Karla Dias, for Dr. Brea in Bridgeport CT was one more successful marketing event by Celimedia.

By doing an Open House the business owners have an excellent marketing opportunity to be connected to their clients in a different and very positive way, since it is a Happy Hour intended to be about entertainment and not related to the regular routine of the business. This way the clients have a chance to interact with the staff being rewarded with gifts, raffles, music and a cocktail. And for the business owners it is a great chance to show their appreciation to their existing clients and to be exposed to new ones, since their guests always bring friends that can be converted into new clients.

The great thing about doing an Open House is that a WOM (word of mouth, a typical marketing abbreviation) is generated due to the referrals that the clients will certainly do, and an instant EWOM (electronic word of mouth) which refers to any statement that the clients present at the Open House share during the event, creating an excellent marketing via the Internet on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and also by instant messages, news feeds and reviews on websites. And in most of the cases, by posting their comments on the social media channels, they spread the word providing automatically their accurate location and details about the business, such as phone, website address, etc.

It is very pleasant for Marceli Upson and Karla Dias to see many happy people receiving a tour through the companies during the Open Houses and marketing campaigns that they organize, having the opportunity to see the offices equipment and learn about services provided and meeting the staff. Needless to say, it also brings them a tremendous satisfaction when they are informed by their clients (the business owners) that the marketing event had generated a substancial return of their investment compared to the expenses with the cocktail.

But, it is not a difficult task for Celimedia to organize an Open House and achieve a wonderful marketing result when it comes to working with Dr. Brea, the owner of North Avenue Advanced Dental Center , in Bridgeport CT because he brings happiness with his charisma to the guests, as we could see this happening also at the event Brasileiras em Connecticut III , when he received a standing ovation during his speech about oral health. At that event, a beautiful gathering for more than 350 women at the Westport Woman’s Club in CT (you can see the pictures of the event Brasileiras em Connecticut III also here on our website) that was also organized by Celimedia, when many health professionals were present and had the opportunity to network and engage with the community.

Dr. Brea, the owner of North Avenue Advanced Dental Center in Bridgeport CT is one of the first clients of Celimedia and an extremely valuable one. Marceli Upson says that it is a pleasure to renew the outsourcing contract with him and to keep being his Marketing Consultant, responsible for all of his office’s marketing campaigns, and to keep bringing exposure to his business and bonding his dental office to the community. At his dental office in Bridgeport CT he provides the most advanced technology and the best customer service, in addition to working with a staff that speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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