At Celimedia we believe that marketing and a good customer service are the keys for the success of any business, including ours.

Spending some time with our clients is a pleasant experience that keeps us motivated to keep going. And based on their requests we are constantly updating and recycling our knowledge to follow their plans.

Last Saturday, March 1st, Karla Dias shifted between a peaceful district of Connecticut and the excitement of New York.

Karla Dias, Account Manager at Celimedia and Thiago Calil at the Belgian boulangerie Le Pain Quotidien

Karla Dias, Account Manager at Celimedia and Thiago Calil at the Belgian boulangerie Le Pain Quotidien

In addition to the delightful tour around the city, she had the pleasure to start her day having brunch with Thiago Calil, who is among the best event designers of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thiago is responsible for planning the most dazzling events of the city. Designing weddings, graduations, and corporate events with luxury and sophistication makes him very often assigned to press conferences at the biggest TV Network from Brazil, the Globo channel. Thiago is on the cover of many wedding magazines and has may articles issued on several books. Graduated as a psychologist and with more than twenty years of experience as a party planner, Thiago has the feeling to materialize his clients dreams and bring the ultimate style to their events.

Karla Dias and Patricia Spuri at Carlos Lobo Salon

Karla Dias and Patricia Spuri, the Brazilian charm of Carlos Lobo Salon

Extending her visit to the city, Karla went to Carlos Lobo Salon, owned by Patricia Spuri, an admirable person and esteemed client from Celimedia. She has an incredible charisma that makes every client at the salon feels welcomed in such a pleasant environment. Patricia has an extraordinary peaceful way of leading her business and staff, granting all her clients enjoyable moments in their hands. Each member of her staff shows a tremendous dedication and excellent customer service. The quick visit at Carlos Lobo turned into a “meeting” to talk about strategies and goals, evaluate results and update some important details for Carlos Lobo’s marketing campaigns. Patricia is a sweetheart and she offers body, hair and facial treatments in her salon and we encourage people from all over the world that goes to Manhattan – specially the Brazilian people – to visit Patricia and her crew, and they will get glam in the best hands!

That’s how we like to practice marketing management at Celimedia: with fun, pleasure and passion for what we do. This is what makes us perform a great job and meet our clients expectations. And this is what makes Celimedia unique!